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XRP /USDT. Volume 3,920,100.58. 0.17577. $ 0.176. +8.82%. XRP /BTC. Volume 271.01. 0.000026390. $ 0.178. +8.24%. XRP /ETH. Volume 1,900.85. XRPUSDT — XRP to Tether Price Chart — TradingView Hello Traders, XRP/USDT is inside the long-term Downtrend Channel, but seems to be forming a ascending wedge witch is Bearish indication and we can test the support of that channel once again, But as we revert in the support we can be in direction to test the resistance of the channel, for now is time to be pacience and wait for more clear indications.

XRPUSDT | Buy Ripple | Binance Binance Has Completed Proton (XPR) Distribution to MTL Holders (04-03) Buy Crypto With Mastercard Now Available in 19 Countries (04-03); Notice of Removal of Trading Pairs - 2020/04/03 (04-02) Binance Completes Cocos-BCX (COCOS) Mainnet Swap and Opens Deposits & Withdrawals (04-02) Binance Lending Adds TRX and LTC to Flexible Deposits (04-02) Binance Launches OTC Trading Portal (04-02) XRP sẽ thay thế BTC và ETH dẫn sóng ... - TradingView Nhìn trên chart Daily của XRPUSDT chúng ta thấy hiện nay XRP vẫn đang ở đoạn đầu cá, nhà cái sau giai đoạn tích lũy gom hàng bền bì đã bước đầu khởi động trend tăng giá. Việc khá nhiều trader lo ngại BTC đạt đỉnh quanh 9k điều chỉnh mạnh sẽ làm gãy cầu tăng … Технический анализ XRP / Tether (BITTREX:XRPUSDT ... Какие инструменты технического анализа могут быть использованы для работы с XRP / Tether? Вы можете выбрать из различных осцилляторов, скользящих средних и других технических индикаторов на TradingView. XRPUSD - Prisdiagram Ripple — TradingView

TradingView UK. so getting to key area of price approaching a double top area and have been consolidating in this zone for a while now so my bias with this trade that we break below this trend and have a bearish correction moving out of the trend we wait for …

XRP USDT — Chart Harga XRP ke Tether — TradingView TradingView . ID. TradingView. Masuk. Mengikuti XRPUSDT Pengikut XRPUSDT Berhenti Mengikuti XRPUSDT. Ikhtisar . Ide-Ide Pasar Teknikal . Chart Crypto XRPUSDT. Ide-Ide. Hanya video. XRPUSDT Update. XRPUSDT, 240. Mr_Hokage. Update XRPUSDT tunggu penembusan garis untuk confirm bullish atau bearish 6. 0. XRPUSDT — リップルテザー価格チャート — TradingView xrpusdt をフォロー ぜひ、アイデアのほうを tradingview にアップしてみてください。 10. 0. 仮想通貨第2位リップル(xrp)短期短信 日付変わって2時間で暴騰日の3分の2の出来高発生 2019-04-05 10:48 (xrpusd+xrpusd+xrpusdt+xrpusd)

xrp/usdt · XRPUSD, 1W. Long. XRPUSD: xrp/usdt. baraaa88 14 hours ago. xrp. 10. 1 · XRP INVERTED HEAD AND SHOULDERS TARGETING $0.21 · XRPUSD  

XRP sẽ thay thế BTC và ETH dẫn sóng ... - TradingView


XRPUSDT — XRP 대 테더 프라이스 차트 — TradingView 라이브 XRP / Tether 차트를 보면서 최신 프라이스 체인지를 따라가 보십시오. 여러분의 손 끝에 트레이드 아이디어, 포캐스트 및 마켓 뉴스가 놓여 있습니다. Phân tích Kỹ thuật của XRP / Tether (BITTREX:XRPUSDT ...

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11.14 B USD. 1D Volume. 1.47 B USD. Circ. Supply. 43.30 B XRP. Total Supply. 100.00 B XRP. DropsTab; Tradingview. Exchange. Binance. Pair. XRP/USDT  Choose the coin and check your balance (top-up in case if needed);; Go to the “ Trade” page: EXMO is using Charts by TradingView, with a wide range of tools for 

Mar 24, 2020 Long/Buy :) Hello, My friends/fellow traders The indicator used in this analysis is called TRADE MASTER - Analyser TRADE MASTER -Analyser  Jun 7, 2019 VaidoVeek about XRPUSDT 7 Jun 19, 2019. VaidoVeek. BITCOIN - An Important Sign From ATH! VaidoVeek about BTCUSD 53 Jun 17, 2019. XRP / USDT5x. Ripple. Last Price. 0.17890$0.199780. 24h Change Original; TradingView; Depth. 时间: 开盘: 最高: 最低: 收盘: 涨幅: 振幅: 成交量: 成交额:.